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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 8, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> reporter: from the streets of your to the museum in washington d.c. where demonstrators rednecks of the victims. from london where understood from falls or fallen. all >> reporter: into many of the sons and french a statement of solidarity used across as a media. gunmen
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raided the home of some of the french satirical magazine this side nearly two dozen people, killing 12 including two police officers officers or cross all still very strong smell of gunpowder. it was very disturbing to see the second room where there refer if action down on the floor. and 800 suspects surrender to police wednesday night and is two suspects were still at large. the two brothers both citizens of france deported and doing everything they can to try and find them. >> james: a police officer was shot and killed in paris this morning are not for the suns track the shooting was a somewhat related to yesterday's attack meanwhile france has raised is tear dollars system to its
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highest possible level presents a as official said they feared the two suspects who are still at large could carry out another attack will keep you updated on this story as it develops that can san francisco hud of people aren't those who were killed in yesterday's attack across gathered in front of the first consul glass by holding signs that read by him charlie to show solidarity for those who were killed across austin to silence and ricky to chants and songs those in attendance when to show the support and a peaceful manner and a lot to see and local support. i am french and very sad to see what happened today at will to show my support to the victims as than the four already. >> james: continuing our team coverage
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>> reporter: kids from france and is a muslim cartoonist he says the news of paris makes some very sad sad and angry because he has ties to the charlie head del newspaper one of the migrating is one more fair cartoonist his influence my style when i'm drawn on drums. he says the murder of journalists and cartoonists is something that should not be tolerated it certainly does not represent millions of muslims to our interested as i am. what is the purpose of this he said he thinks things have gone too far. supposedly is a revenge for having cartoons of the profit i don't see that as a
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possible justification is unacceptable and that is a the only one who gain from violence like this in progress to is this incredible cycle the spiral of hatred violence and violence and hatred he said he will continue to work in need of the germans and lumber rose remained unshaken by today's attack. >> james: will continue to fall the latest development the central rsi kron 4 account for the latest development as a come to arnold lot the day because of the connected through our facebook and twitter pages as well will take a quick break here when we come back who was to you by a plans to increase the cost of water and the east bay is they put on hold and when exactly that spike in priest could affect. the happiest place on our is sending people home with a souvenir they
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did not want will explain. here is a live look at the cemetery ridge where traffic is moving well at the early hour a little hazy out there may some early morning fog blew another of the coming of a 415.
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>> james: 2 is more than 1 million customers on hold. >> reporter: the is a unit said its plan to add a 14% surcharge to water bills starting this month on hold for the average household not a ton of money every little bit as up the rate hike was approved by the board directors is meant to offset the cost of the district if it chooses to
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follow through with the drought is all going to try to prepare for the worst will because of last month high rainfall total this should close person to receive russes it has been tabled for awhile. right now we're going to reassess where we are in a few weeks the is a must said earlier is that what happened at the 19th of this month which means customers could still
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see an increase to their bills and that would increase to continue monthly into the cost to pull the water is paid off. >> erica: live in the weather center not as cold this morning we will see a modest slowdown is the into the weekend the details on the forecast will return.
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>> james: to talk about the weather here not locally there is more than just notes and parts of the east coltsfoot also deal with below freezing temperatures this is a bulk of our arctic blast the roar of the cold air from canada. the elected or early yesterday but even in fact a pushed the start time for today and back a bit in my good news for kids but as an awful headed for parents. list of our weather here locally and nationally.
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>> erica: the sec a close look at the trouble for as we have been dealing with a deepfreeze around much of the country for the past couple of days he once recalled a lot warmer technically than one of them expressing when you factor in the wind chill if this is like minneapolis fell by 30 below zero to the we're looking at a high of 14 degree is a little one is to travel as seven st. louis will been down for the was closed yesterday we saw seven is down and lost and was a persistent and san francisco would have the broad changes to talk about as well with a modest collection as a head into the weekend set a look at current and this is timmy to foot most are in the '40's from the project developers have dropped into the upper '30's but is not as chilly as two to four hours ago the into the act afternoon will notice an increase high clouds. >> erica: narcotized on come
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for today after new highs for the upper 60s fremont 6769 santa clara which could squeeze out to seven is a place like campbell and los gatos to an argentine cities bay again cloud cover will increase with legal 6164 for richmond mrs. today for downtown san francisco and oakland high of 67 subway wrestles high-pressure reynolds in more cloud cover for today we're looking at a 10% chance for some showers i'll bet that would appear in the bay area but keep ya umbrellas handy. right now
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lists of several iraqi been high on the potential hot spots the sailor has been issued for this crash. the sea its fiesta says traffic not too bad in the area should not forget the detour just yet. the unsuspecting car to minimize are not on yet over at the san mateo bridge the volume up quite equal in both directions actually the golden gate bridge shows no incident right now very quiet conditions rewrite come down recounting we're is in hot spot for a year
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>> james: the bridge is not the only area sing the big change in the mayor future when that one of the men are to the golden gate bridge undergone a massive remodel as well but was was the drive was sold in the presidio park when >> reporter: 2 hot should attend the golden gate bridge dissever cisco marine district they're harder work will building the new presidio of parkway. south of the bridge and on the east in the low decided to take shape as well the spokesperson for the product of the when the demo to the removal has been completed and now the focus is all on the roadway. the evidence is
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the lesson will pass to two tunnels the on and off for a connecting the park would will also be reopened. do we stand sometime in 2016. >> james: their offer of $5,000 for the press was also the killing iraq on. also in a new today the oakland teenager is not stopped about that team teacher the controversy is
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over the worst that he claims he created out of a sense of pride for the people in his hometown >> james: the oakland a's sell kron 4 that only a hundred and 26 of those stock teachers of exit and sold under the unsold at the team's store all of them have been sold online as a gesture of goodwill the main factor is no longer selling the teachers and will destroy it is not yet been sold. also in news yes the
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however federal judge found they had no legal authority to regulate poultry products and a rise was a long opposed some recent visitors to disneyland up the theme park with a souvenir it will not soon forget the measles and public health official the california and you saw confirmed nine cases yesterday all of them are business of either a disneyland or does a california inventor park and and how. >> reporter: is working with state health department to the opera of measles the
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link to the theme park. the other seven confirmed cases of measles in california all had one thing in common the patience of visited disneyland between december 15th and december 20th. something almost all young parents have heard about. while most of the parents agree state statistics show personal belief exemptions from the shots by california kindergartners rose from just 1.56% in the 20072008
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school year to 2.79% in 20122013 and in six of the seven confirmed cases from disneyland the patients had not had the measles vaccination to those for because the kids will not old enough. >> james: held a quick while the outside with a show you the shock of the bay bridge approach so far so good with a loss but today will have a base on that coming up in just a minute.
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>> james: let's talk basketball when chris johnson scoring points and the warriors took off. 117
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to 1 02 for the fifth straight win. it is the u.s. delivers us to host the 2024 the began the bay area is one of the get some stiff competition we have laws and as boston and washington d.c. also buying for the arm of the american cities selected will then have the be all other international cities that are denominated this game tonight been held in the ad states to 1996 when there were held and atlanta. the things that the cisco toaster oven game is a good idea the majority of the people polled in the cost and the people in a
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bear hug is a maze of dollars for nothing. steve on the other hand says there are ready also is in place to the bay area the do not have to be built will keep you updated on with the decision perhaps today. the countdown to the closure of the bay bridge will say how in fact businesses alive look outside the are from up this morning area code was the lead coming up in just a minute.
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>> james: police in france
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are still looking for the two men they believe are responsible for shooting and killing 12 people at a satirical newspaper in paris yesterday morning it was the deadliest attack on french soil in decades today is the last a day of mourning in france french president francois our law on to the country has been struck in the heart of this capital city with these attacks the shooting sparked out raised many people see as an attack on free speech. meantime this also was shot and killed in paris this morning of doors announcement fairweather the shooting was related to the newspaper attacked france has raised a terrible system to the highest level for as intelligence officials were ready to suspects who are still lose to carry out another tack may allow people back here in san francisco our morning those who were killed in the tech is today in paris crowd gathered in front of council last laugh: the red eye him to show solidarity the cause was seen silence and
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chanting and singing >> ja >> erica: as did a live look outside this is overlooked in the bay bridge span here in san francisco was the increase in cloud cover crop the that that is really want to limit some of gasoline climbed to 07 is not getting quite that one today was of a lot of 5 degree to to draw a good news is a pretty mild warning out that into the crowd already in place you take a look at the in the spots for filled still holding onto '40's and metaphor is currently in presence and a very mild start into san francisco start at 7 cisco up before it down to the south bay. as the tech got some just for the day fit to pass so the them the clock our web want to be in the fifth is for the mid peninsula six is expected from places like the livermore valley and has to put the clock into motion for the most for seasonal temperatures today
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it looks like sixth to develop what the area sele and redder shows high pressure down for the most part will sit in prison cloud cover will maintain track in this and that would attempt to jezebel future cycles as we headed to tomorrow. >> erica: will materialize and the more likely to answer the seventh day of ramadan forecasts led some to will be on the seas as high as we his early next week the ridge of high pressures consigns i will start to break down as you get into the extended part of the forecast that in the four said that out will you will see what whether. for the settlement, up in just a moment as a bit too hot on this settler. this is just as is the decline the dublin gray also force their struggle the line's history says if the upper in the air is so there's
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really no sense of the back of the was no estimate is times right now and nothing you have to detour around that traffic is light enough in the area no bad as orderly as getting to the san mateo bridge as a live look at this and the golden gate bridge and from a free ride out the keep in mind we do have that closure beginning midnight saturday to extend into early for a monday morning and over at the richmond center fell bridge very quiet conditions does not matter if you're using fashion forecasters morning. >> james: the countdown is on we are now less than two days away to the golden gate bridge will close for the entire weekend cruise of the installing mobile barriers this to live along disclosure ever for the abridged read talking about
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from 12 a.m. to saturday morning to 4:00 a.m. monday would top law lot of impact were gyrus cecily that has a million-dollar view is a magnet for tourists. >> reporter: the upcoming week enclosure for the the debris is getting there can be a problem and businesses in downtown sausalito are bracing for a drop in sappers the reason long-term businesses like much is in the garment are bothered by the close it is because business is to increase law our business is the slowest month of the year january this is a good time to do a place like the bridge when cafe expect to see a good deal of customers i am not
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too concerned with the fairy dust they're running low estimate is pretty busy people will out on the ferry was businesses remain open tours are not is not this is all businesses i was too close for the weekend the miserable state plans to shut its doors on reds close a weekend most of these is too visible weekend with the taurus car from the risk is the close the bridge the people may not come here. if business is slow and saw almost think it will be there is one of side and that as of those who live in this town philae that have also themselves without tourists. >> james: to the south and now the center of a prison farm is facing a staffing price investing an average of five to six dozen cases per month also new to the law officers are expected to retire this month alone
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account refers to the part is planning to implement a temporary fix to those larger staffing problems officers from the mature unit will be used to fill in the gaps will be put on patrol the letter in march to ship change will there be allowed to build back for their positions. when that happens we determine the look was staffing levels look like the idea to bring those metal officers to bring them back into the current position this restless a lot of them have specialized training that are able to utilize. >> james: said was a police official said they're working hard to try and recruit new officers as it tried to fix the staffing problem. police are listening details on the mrs. down fire house fire in san francisco to define your old to on whelk of los angeles was arrested and charged with multiple crimes and to the murder and arson
4:37 am
he was a former patient of the doctor who always a home in the at this case could have been much worse. fax will honor was able to douse the flames the reason for to the murder is because the fact home owner was inhabited at the time they say he will likely make his first court appearance on friday. >> james: still ahead latest developments on the search for the black boxes from there is a flight 85 01 will of the 2 up on the progress is finding in plus more women speaking against bill cosby will have the latest accusation against the comedian. >> gabe slate: also you the new cd's being unveiled at the consumer electronics show in las vegas they're getting the most of the bus.
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>> erica >> gabe slate: the consumer electronics show the famous for pay-tv are getting bigger and cheaper films in which has run in the this year you will bill was all for kids television here is a breakdown of what four k is to deceive the lives could. and basically means better sharper brighter images as something of the sea in person to appreciate the for kitties i have sent have blown me away a year ago when his camera prices were sky-high cost thousands of dollars for one of these but this week in vegas all the major players
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have the least dozens of new models will flood the market and by the holiday season when this year will see for katie these as low as $600 for katie beers would best when watching for k. content however when watching regular a to the content on a four katie made it will still look better and upgraded a little bit it will look better than watching it on a regular hdtv is are smart tvs that not flicks' training bill and is a big bill next the next has a ton of content that will be a big part will
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settle the special csx and >> james: 13 flight attendants to a fired by united airlines refuse to fly from san francisco to hong kong because of security concerns are fighting to get their jobs back last july the crew member saw this image drawn on the plane's tail airline officials were not sure of the coffee was written in san francisco or previous location so soft area of the flight was canceled when the tenants refuse to fly unless all the three other passengers were taken off the plane that was searched for explosives the flight attendants were fired for insubordination the flight attendants have now filed a federal complaint seeking reinstatement and back pay and retired them just. >> erica: with ever- increasing car coverage and boston to four to that of full as a forecast developing will return.
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>> erica: ride not enjoy malkin this is not too cold up there but was an increase in cloud cover and high cloud as the is the tomorrow that there is a slight chance of a few raindrops right now the national weather service called for a 10 percent chance high pressures are more to keep the drive for the most part that's focus on your highs for today is one to be another pretty warm day for the south led this is what attempted holdup will see a little bit more sunshine here of the sixes and mountain view and sunnyvale
4:46 am
70 the forecast for campbell and the thompson valley and not be as warm and is with the cloud cover will limit our heating. >> erica: 64 is a walnut creek downtown san francisco high of 64 and 67 out for napa will enjoy a seasonal weather it will be a model scored on as we headed to the week and you'll see exactly that for yourself and then around the forecast and as such images are not too bad of is your overnight lows as the is a early next week i think where going to make sense liken this to dixon the forecast recall for what weather to return as head of the marne of the king we can and as i could get some significant above average rainfall with a few system had in our direction more details on that, just a moment right now the focus on traffic we have of the on the secular west la 580 at canyon road is coming off of the dublin climb.
4:47 am
>> erica: isn't overturned a great blocking to ride him lance chp said this war to be out there for the next three to possibly four hours if you 680 as of alternate route we are not seeing any signs of renewal resistible we do have beer spilled all over the lines of defense in mind are not the site you can squeeze through a you do not have to find an alternate the debt could be a problem if you're heading into a word focusing on other traffic around the bay area lasted look at the bridges the beverage looks good no problems no backups or delays tear over the december silver is the line was up on the right-hand side of the screen drive times for 213 minutes to go again for is looking pretty the right now in south russia would have been in since the report.
4:48 am
>> james: divers are looking for devices they have come up empty yesterday cruise located to sell some of the plane that is where the recording devices are located so far davison made little progress in finding the glove boxes that to do heavy rains and wind in their search for the remaining wreckage of the flights so far for the bodies have been recovered. >> james: two people were taken into custody and also the last night after the collision and embarcadero sister vehicle has not been found the officer who was injured was taken to hospital were not life- threatening injuries and a spectacle for recovery a car crashed into a restaurant near larkin in california istria's emphasis polyester that the sea in
4:49 am
the video would it look like they're at the same the car came crashing into the building for smelly the restaurant was not open at this time an employee who was working at the time said no one was inside or lease no one inside was hurt the call of the accident is still under investigation. killed five people are recovering from injuries this morning after a transit bus and a car collided into brooklyn the crash happened is before 4:00 yesterday afternoon 50 people or on board at the time of the crash eight people were hospitalized people are in critical condition three of london's serious but now lives in the conditions and 19 people suffered minor injuries that caused the crash is still under investigation this morning police and ohio are trying to figure out why a man tried to buy an airline ticket using a fake i.d. and then lunch and airport police officer with a knife to officer shot and killed a man police say he tried to
4:50 am
set the officer after he was turned away from buying the tickets the conversation starter when the officer called to talk to the man's vehicle was was illegally parked in the departures area police said there are no indications that this was an act of terrorism. >> james: three more women have come forward to accuse bill cosby of scottsdale rate she says he gave her a champagne glass full of a clear liquid is this is not remember much after drinking half of that glass. my next life lesson was bring back in the dressing room alone with him i was lying down i had no interest in sex of any kind with him nor did i expect or want a thing from him. more than
4:51 am
two to will have come forward no charges have been filed yet his attorney has denied the allegations against him. >> james: southern california man is under arrest for law is a senior role daughter for throwing a birthday party where showing that these were taken from olivia playboy did celebration along with a provocative self these scenes father pulse was scarcely clad guest over to other people showed up to the bird the parting the recall to the home on our way after they said the party got out of hand ~ a lot of order is to reconcile the house that he was allowing you of a party like this is a dull year have hand grenades and party favors. >> james: his defense of the six laws in prison if he's convicted for allowed under a jacket and his home
4:52 am
also in a news of people working at a pr former san diego a 5 ft. 6 in this world or the notice the water and the tall it was a little higher than normal so she grabbed the plunger then she noticed something was coming out and saw the snake's tongue she ran out to her desk and called her co-workers who came into a look. the sec said was a huge eye instantly opened and then i saw the snake's head and it was huge. davis is with these pictures you to see the snake coiled behind to lead the lead the call animal control and the way was to pull out that five-foot colombian rainbow
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constrictor. will take a break will be back with more.
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>> james: move over avengers there's a new super you're in town 10 ounces is already married. >> reporter: marver as of is the first police drama for upcoming in that audience is going to get a peak of the tiny but to the you're back story in a whole lot of action is set for release july 17th surprise ludicrous is married this weeks after
4:56 am
announcing a mile high proposals a longtime girlfriend it was as close as the gramm saying why wait that reported the data since 2009 the court as he knows the star and his fiancee are expecting their first child two months after the couple announced their engagement for hollywood minute. >> james: there is an application for that high school student credit reversal back pack application that he picked out books at home. >> reporter: a global scale computer scientist at capital i have been selected for nearly 1000 high schools as of state winner for the rise and application challenge that develop a concept for mobile application that will solve the problem and the
4:57 am
community. it traded a mobile application along there appears to leave the books at home and access them from bypass a smart phones. through the stillness him with the application together not knowing a filmic as far decided to said they have done this challenge for three years and is proud of the students. we finally get a life for the school the we're excited for them. >> james: will have a live
4:58 am
picture here for return bigger blocking line is always about 580 at the dublin great.
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>>darya: good morning. >>mark: overturn they read all pastor of rallying cause and to driver and beer >>george: amazing problem developing early in the
5:01 am
commute is this was more ride goes on to of factors all the traffic of course coming off a 580 was about out livermore that continues to the dublin and to change toward castro valley traffic coming in from 680 southbound tear it will likely not affect the ride come over from crow canyon road if crowe canyon road connects just a little bit west of where this is this go to the scene live with kron 4. >> jackie sissel: is unclear about the cause runout will we do know that the driver of the big break that was loaded with beer some reason is overturned and is basically landed on its
5:02 am
side blocking to write plays the driver of the vehicle was set to local hospital and described as moderate and is not life-threatening injuries the problem that this thing is loaded with beer and go to a course like and past the blue ribbon to much for to talk to lift up to them what to get people out here to offload the beer and that is what to texan time right now the estimates is at least three men before maybe five hours they're saying in history hours near the sea the damage is already done the traffic is backed up as far as you can say is one of the bourse commission on any morning and let all you have something like this we should try to avoid this uses one to be here for a while. >>george: because of the
5:03 am
location let's switch back to the traffic map will talk about the problem that you're facing your options are to continue south on 680 but that is one to get snagged up and of course this is going to affect the traffic coming in from the all to mount and the livermore and from it will be with us from the rest of the commute like tentacles of a rich may this next and one that used by 80 heading toward castro valleycastro >> james: a live look here at the bay where is the western spaniard the sea martineau's from beautiful shot they're listed a look at what kind of weather we can expect today in beyond today the cloud began to increase a little bit more talking high level clouds of such i would not be as a citizen the was yesterday as a result images will be just a bit cooler by 23 degrees
5:04 am
tomorrow and continue cooling and thus how will round out the work we have a look ahead to the weekend will be quiet and drive the next process a chance of someday might not come until the money to change rehire a weekend which is not this weekend but the one after will have to look forward to that here was a quick glance at were tempered are right now we have 44 oakland mid-40s in san jose and san francisco on the of the forest is chilly the santa rosa once again if >>mark: the deadly terrorist attack the french newspaper the police are hunting for two armed suspects one of them have man have lent to al kited the third man in the attack our reticence of into police departments the said there were several arrests overnight for serbs released the suspects today's the day of mourning in france and the country has raised its terror of our system to its highest level.
5:05 am
the place woman who was shot in an attack early this morning on the southern is appears has not died the officer the polygyny in the area saying the officer later died. police are still looking for the attacker and issued in the french interior minister urging people not to jump to conclusions the shooting has not been linked to yesterday's newspaper act here in the bay area hundred people on the door killed. >>darya: crowds gather here in front of the french conflict yet last night that alternate between silent and bracket and to sense and song goes for their one to show the support and peaceful ways similar for repairs and a look it's all on the world sale of as a hesitancy to follow is the lament in paris as the manhunt for the two suspects continue to have of this all morning long right here on the kron 4 morning news
5:06 am
facebook twitter and web sites are kron 4 mobile applications. >>mark: the sense for armed suspects some of the less i police responded to a burglary to suspect then let's put this on a chase and a crash in the passenger was taken into custody with the driver fled police said a preliminary print of the block south fremont street residence in the metropolitan apartments were evacuated after a two-hour search the suspect was taken and located into custody the shelter was set up the american red cross and for those who was displaced by the incident not all clear this morning. >>darya: san francisco to find out today if the u.s. olympics committee to is to close a 25 game will be for the bay area bay area up against los angeles lost in a washington d.c. the american cities selected isn't one to have to be on all other international cities the summit has not
5:07 am
been held in united states is at last the back in 1996 the and of the committee is meeting in cairo today and will make an announcement was the to the u.s. city still ahead a warning if you've been to disneyland in the past months there have been cases of measles reported will have the details rusting those warmer temperatures back to the bay area tech out half of the firefighters in indiana will show how the code affected them and counting down to the closure of the golden gate bridge this weekend. bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon! ♪ ♪
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>>george: is on the dublin great just west of foothill san ramon that a big rig has overturned and a lot to like
5:11 am
land traffic already backed up to the dublin and to change this will be a major snag the the entire morning commute. >>darya: you been to disneyland recently a health warning the watching their kids because there have been confirmed cases of the measles nine confirmed cases of people at disneyland with measles seven are california residents to from utah health officials said they likely contracted measles during the trip to disneyland or business california venture here are the dates between december 15th and december 20, 2006 of the seven confirmed cases in california are people with not been vaccinated all those to the cases will be for the kids are old enough to be vaccinated if you been to disneyland during that time. >>mark: will say why a plan to increase the water in
5:12 am
this is great is being put on hold plus the bay area weather and traffic this morning on my start today. righwhen ou fl a ld se, revaan hl it ins feas t and haldays whensed theirstign. thouit t vir sprds fromell cel on abra petrat dee d stts tworkmmedtely to blo theirusnd prect althcell yocoulhealour co sor fas as ft aswo a a hf da whensed theirstign. learn w abva srts wor mediely dot toh itut knocit o, fa. wi abra. hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my
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robituss dm x nittims dualctioliquid insntly sohes your throat d deversfa, porfuloughelie robitussindon'suff e cohequces. >>george: this is about as bad is with you to start the morning commute film of the problem have been at the bay bridge on interstate 80 it would have impacted as many people the location here is 580 was about to bring it up on the map in this pretty much tell the story the good news there is the people out of san ramon can use crow canyon in order to get to interstate 580 which is the back door road to many locals like to use any way is a little shorter than on days when there's congestion there is a rare where from
5:16 am
the problem. >>darya: decided is the role of an accident early it happened early enough. >>george: they're talking about three to four hours before they're able to clear this up and that may be something of an optimistic estimate given the fact that they have to unload the bear your might have talked about the sunny of times about the fact these trucks while they do carry a lot of weight they're designed to carry in the way down here at the side walls have no strike at all if they tried to righted the canucks took over. >>george: in either case they need to and get the
5:17 am
complicating factors or the location is would put pressure on 680 south as well this was about 580 rubble to see more traffic here down at the dublin break even for niles canyon road is not a good alternate route is the narrow two-lane one road 2 mi. canyons looking at other bay ridge was about like traffic no delays that the golden gate bridge looks fine remember is closing down tomorrow night as a matter of fact right after midnight tomorrow it will be shut down through the entire weekend and getting into more in the richmond bridge this will be your primary alternate to the golden gate bridge heading to and from marin tommy will be most of this combined with the bay bridge that will carry the traffic that will otherwise be on the golden gate is a
5:18 am
note to the west and a final the weather is one to be like. >> james: is fun in the direction i was talking about the loss but we do have some fall out there once again not all that and that the golden gate bridges that hit north along 101 thing gets about santa rosa it a petaluma is down to about 5 mi. visibility that would drop about forehead and santa rosa and of course to allow visibility was days clear produces about half an unmarked grey is beginning to develop and minor as a tempest that is once again on the course i took a look we have santa rosa and nine degrees yes and it was down in the freezing mark this sort of an improvement for seven hours before for oakland 46 in san jose it looks like sister was led not only for is resting temperatures in the '30's closely when i said that
5:19 am
long has decided that our their you notice the difference today we have clouds overhead that high pressure ridge that have been keeping as clear test shifted off. here's how it would develop by 1:00 this morning for a decent middle 50s and 60s within my still will see widespread 60 to see the green indicated 60 degree weather and is bay area wide most of the bay area will be locked in that 62 to 69 to know where you are the south of san jose you may sister said the remark led to the seamless to the bay area except to be in the six this afternoon with is getting closer to where it should be decided the year. >> james: by the time to weaken rules allow will be their fifth is expected for highball saturday and sunday at and try for the
5:20 am
foreseeable future yet the law another weekend and have before we have a chance to sing or write will talk more about that as we get closer to it that is the forecast now let's get back to the news. >>mark: the new so involved whether many parts of the nation has a dangerously close to lose once again this morning with freezing conditions making its best it difficult for firefighters to put out fire and indiana as his chief of video their hats and gloves all the equipment to walk the talk is all eyes over the fall back to 0 degree temperatures and a slate flood of bad news has sent a to communicate luckily no one was injured. >>darya: despite the temperatures around the center is to out for sale was actually a high this year on record the records go way back to 1891 lasted at a temperature of the earth's surface was about half a degree warmer than has ever been 1998 was the previous high this year ever the rest of the top 51 statices recording history
5:21 am
of law after the year 2000. >>mark: the san jose police armed is facing a staffing crisis is an average of five to six with the lessons a month near the to the law of this are expected to retire this month compared loren first they're planning to implement a temporary fix to a larger and larger staffing due be used to fill the gap and put out on patrol in the in march and shipped as will happen offices will be allowed to bid back for their positions. the idea is to raise some those officers and supervisors back into the compositions they're specialists a lot of them have specialized training that we were able to get. >>mark: 7 is a place of this to say they're trying to recruit new officers. >>darya: fans have more
5:22 am
reason to celebrate the delicacy is now available in california it has been banned in california since 2012 to date a federal judge found the state has no legal authorities to regulate poultry products answers it term representing called the victory they consider to force feed ducks and geese to a violent and cruel the is based utility district are putting their plans to increase the cost of water to its customers on hold. >>mark: 4 average household and a service area they're about $4 a month the board of directors' approval rate hike last month to decide and often cost to pump water from sacramento river and
5:23 am
the weather stays dry the early is that to happen would be january 19th. >>darya: knew this morning a five-year a florida girl is killed according said her father tosser off a bridge in st. petersburg police officers say that a police officers actually witnessed the entire thing he saw the man stopped at the 60 ft. tall skyway bridge and through the child over the rail into the water her body was found later police arrested the father took it in for questioning. >>mark: 13 united airlines flight attendants are fighting to get their jobs back after they were fired for refusing to fly on a plan from sentences of the hong kong will tell you why they refuse and a manhunt continues this morning in france as facades are still look over to the man they believe are responsible for
5:24 am
shooting and killing 12 people at a french newspaper will have the letters of the search. to a live look at the bay ridge traffic so far the back of this coming surely will be watching that and other traffic has spots on this early thursday morning. staps haeverhing yoneedor a tentn-grbingreseation.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
>>darya: that for wicking of the us 13 flight attendants who were fired by united airlines for refusing to fly from san francisco to hong kong because they're concerned about the security they're fighting out a guest to get the job \ to live a crew member saw this image drawn on their plane's tail is says bye-bye have and have a couple of space is airline officials will not sure it is three was written in san francisco, also said previous location where it came from which was off korea by the way they're not want to cancel the flight will they did when flight attendants refuse to fly
5:28 am
this said it would not fly unless all the three underpasses on or taken off in the plane was searched for explosives united says no to the flight attendants said know when i want to fly their fired for insubordination and flight attendants are now filing a federal complaint speaking reads them for backed pay and compensatory damage. >>mark: and overturned a recall was down 580 where the traffic will follow the lead for you if your use that corridor. >>will tran: where less the two days away from the golden gate bridge been shut down come about a seven-to still be on the golden gate bridge during that time in a live report. gog fogold brkinghrou? new subwayrill chken rips. articiapresvatis orflavs. try 'em theew mtere chken lt. subw. eafres
5:29 am
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so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. ♪ ♪ if u wa it go t anget ♪ >>darya: 1 to second with george and you look at the
5:31 am
top spot. >>george: it will be for the better part of the committee this morning is not all of a we have a big rig here on this side of this is westmount just west san ramon rolled coils of the dublin plans in this to castro valley is on the uphill side of the great nafta down hillsides as acoustic to announce starting to inspect the lows that has to be removed from this wrigglers go to kron 4 jacket was been on the same since much earlier this morning >> jackie sissel: not really they're not they're looking inside the closed pull the material still have not shown up yet seen the fire officials on the sea its feet this all happened around 320 this morning when a driver coming westbound on 580 as you said iraq has san ramon foothill at the shoulder overturned and
5:32 am
landed on his side he is carrying full load of beer is what the inside of a is the driver of that truck was marley and the transfer to a local hospital as was reconsidered as i said a moderate injuries now the problem is as we talk about for a while to decide what the national multiple the strut them on to offload the entire load of beer and that is one to six several hours with the damage is already done this cases it may take up four to three hours traffic is already a nightmare out here that is the mentor the 680 interchange and the sea traffic is almost basically stopped the two islands are closed and those two right lanes are going to be close to several more hours if you can avoid it i had to make jokes but this is one to the while i'm sure there's a lot of enthusiastic people the locked door of low the
5:33 am
stock is what is it a while for them to get this year off the truck. >>george: here is the location of the incident just west of foothill san ramon role already backed up into the dublin to change in the recall affects is going to be south 680 a quick look at your ride to the bay bridge and you see the backed up is just beginning to form here there's no problem get into the san mateo bridge and highway 92 of the volumes already up for the west about ride. >> james: we have a live look at the western span of the bay ridge as a his and to san francisco beautiful looking shy visibility pretty good if where else
5:34 am
were looking our right to choose ride out 50 in san francisco their mid-40s and local 46 in san jose school is still unsettled will be seen if called the effort and raise a prayer for a reason for concord and livermore this is the global conditions are like at the present time there is always expected on today at a glance at our afternoon high show the were once the temperature in the six is for the entire area anywhere from 60 like to see it as he got over 69 is a we're expecting down san jose i want to come back in 15 minutes at 545 to talk more about what we can expect in a long term and when we will see rain it has to get a little more of a was a lot that more detailed and 15 minutes. >>mark: the latest now on the deadly terrorist attack on french newspaper their money for two armed suspects the mailing out chitin and the last few minutes they're now reports that the suspects may be surrounded by police in northern france from the mug shots
5:35 am
of these two men a third man turns himself into police already to try minister said there several arrests overnight during the search for these two men meanwhile today is a day of mourning in france and the country's cities to terror's suspect davis warned by police in northern france. >>darya: will continue to come down the full closure of the golden gate bridge this weekend. >>will tran: we have little bit less the 40 hours by math the golden gate bridge the authority and at 12 01 saturday that will shut down the bridge you can see right behind me to have the heavy equipment rental some of the barriers to the sea traffic along just fine little as we cannot the busiest weekends
5:36 am
of this to the perfect weekend for the authorities as well as the business is in sausalito and if you come from another way into san francisco by way of the golden gate bridge or she cannot do that during the weekend that have action ferries the buses or run and if you're torres the you're waking up at a hotel this morning and not worry about the golden gate bridge is still yours is the still walk on it would there was a major bird fender bender on the golden gate bridge and- shut down the line behind of the evening commute for several hours that is exactly what they want to avoid not to mention that the law would anyone dying because of a head-on collision. >>mark: will disclose in sausalito towards man in downtown businesses are
5:37 am
getting ready for disclosure most agree there but few shoppers and scores this is ok a long-term business businesses typical is the beginning of the year and boisterous closure to have much of an impact this is like the bridge way cafe still expected to see chapter because the fare will be running not every business is staying open. he followed the lead to the big weekend. >>darya: police are releasing new details on the mrs. doubt fire house fire 25 year old in los angeles have been arrested and charged with multiple crimes including attempted murder and arson police say he was a former patient of the doctor who currently owned and lived in that home that
5:38 am
the case could have been much worse. thankfully the homer was quickly doused the sign of the storm that were implemented in the for the damage in the reason for the attempted murder is because the fact a home owner and have said at the time >>darya: is likely want to make his first court appearance of our >>mark: a longtime teacher at a high school in union city arrested for having an for relationship with a student you hear from students coming up. at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪
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>>george: major delays or better from hot water interstate 580 westbound where an overturned big reagan is on the side of blocking two right lanes on as foothill ceremonial use cocaine and will come at a san ramon this morning were danville and get of interstate 580 and at your patience for the west by 580 ride from livermore to castro valley. >>darya: car crashes unless london market his emphasis silicic a look at the video we have of this accident this was at the allaire restaurant and have led for 30 yesterday afternoon a car crashing back to front of the building luckily and forcefully the restaurant was opened at the time before taking photos is aware side no was heard even that's a sign the federal while the car ran into the building. there is
5:42 am
a level outside the bay bridge approach will have a full forecast and will my seat the next line of the stick around.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>george: it is a bad one for sure this the committee that is under way earlier than most that last a very long time is already being affected here by the ride was about what the big break on that side taking up the to right-hand lanes the location is out here close to the foot here role in the castro valley here is a live look from the scene that have not yet began to unload the beer that is it stepped inside of this big rig that has done before they can were writing the trailer the sea its fee is not sure when that will get
5:46 am
it open but it will be at least three to four hours for the entire operation so again the biggest laggards going to be the westbound 580 traffic is or is starting to back up out of livermore westbound interstate 580 expected to affect the south lawn ride as well looking at other traffic for your trip to the bay bridge this morning the volume is building for the westbound ride in the trip for highway 92 the senate sale raised similar conditions here volume building up no matter lies with which to contend of and for the golden gate bridge it was an easy ride now remember closing this weekend and agree with you to track the closure is for the mobile affectation. >>george: there is no better or delays and that may slow
5:47 am
traffic so far for 580 westbound through richmond. >> james: let me how to the east this morning we are saying some minor fog developing out near concord near walnut creek alamo and lafayette that sort of pockets 68024 come together also sent some open and the play as well as to take a look at the visibility charge you see there's concord pays it will not because of fog just said the league had the man is quite a bit we had about 04 miles visibility of your santa rosa 45 mob is linda has dropped investors were once part of the morning commute just know as a little foggy after this morning in cold to 37 santa rosa is a tough about four hours off since our last update will save 41 and level four in fairfield 46 in san jose mile in 7 cisco
5:48 am
52 currently we do have clouds in the area the high- pressure ridge and kicking as nice and clear for the better part of a week now. >> james: is the cloud of our peoples on the course i this afternoon or temperatures and saw there was still the unarmed. we're getting in the low sixties in the east bay if mrs. for both a lesson in livermore from richmond 64 of a dog to union city of about 69 degrees at that point at least by the map was a lesson francisco the lobby must difference to step down sunset the cisco. does who expected a few more clouds let it cool temperatures soared 02 hours beginning to kick in to play it will see
5:49 am
that continue to march to to continue to fall by saturday and sunday will get back down to seasonal average with highs ride around the 50 degree mark and the slight high pressure will turn next week was also one of innocence or less are coming to play monday tuesday wednesday will see rain will see that this is the holder to get closer to it that is the forecast. >>darya: developing stored we're following a long time teaser at union city james logan high school is accused of having an improper relationship with a student >> reporter: am shocked because my granddaughter in a very small town like this
5:50 am
one you never expected happen their stock to learn that this man team to draw re nv is accused of having an to improve your physical relationship with a student investigation we believe that there was a criminal act they conducted a we arrested the subject. it is our floor population and sexual intercourse with a female student under the age of 18 his it employed by the new haven unified school district for 20 years mostly decent social studies and ethnic studies by some accounts of their popular teacher. in a statement the district says the lawyer
5:51 am
hired get past all require screenings and background checks with them and not be enough to satisfy some parents aircraft will have a concern when it comes to those of its duty as apparent as the sector children. insensible the place a credit to some media for helping of find a 10 year-old girl apparently walked away from our school used to link >>mark: did the sea from the video at it showed the girl getting out of a squad car into the waiting arms of our grandmother recalled 9111 the garden not come back from a restaurant and 30 in the morning. they say it was also some media push that caught the attention of several residents who spotted the fifth grader walking on fall to the road nearly three hours later police said she walked away from the school on her home.
5:52 am
in oakland in it is not very excited about the t-shirt. >>darya: he claims an official major-league baseball web site is selling the oakland a's teresa using his slogan the controversy is over the word still he planned the created out of a sense of pride for people in his hometown. >>darya: because he has the
5:53 am
oak divinize enough to pull the search they apologized and he says knobs and will read his eye on to pursue anything if any thing that helps to allow a promoter his brand. the problems expected the market already backing up with a truck full of beer on the side. >>mark: where are racing is backed up early last thursday morning. whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a turabeau.
5:54 am
you' makg meelt.shl we mini bybels 10 turachee and a ole t ofun. mi babel.snk a ttleigge
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>>darya: that china get people to adopt $12 a been a shelter for more than two months they're called called blood hounds--hard look
5:57 am
hounds. the way the adoption fee and everything and give the adoptive family of free caller for release and a dog bit to >>mark: a manhunt underway in now is forced to the elements are surrounded and northern france to show you the latest video that showed the government attacking the french newspaper the killed a dozen people and developing story with the bay great filled with beer
5:58 am
cans overturned a filing opened up with scores like no one is working off loading get that is causing a big problem in the back of the morning commute to as a dozen flight attendants tried to get the jobs that fired after refusing to fly on a plane with this message scrawled on the need to tell. progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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♪ ♪ hersy'spres.brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - everhing. th hshe's spreads, thpossibilits ardelious. >>darya: we begin with the latest out of dublin where a big rig truck full of beer overturned causing a traffic mess listed right to the very latest. >>george: the chp abetted their secular


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